130cm Tall Full Body Female Mannequin Sitting

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130cm FUll Body Female Sitting Mannequin

With fully adjustable arms and a head that can be freely turned left, right, up and down, our eco-friendly polythene Seated Female Mannequin allows you to create different looks and poses easily. The head, arms and legs are also detachable and the entire ensemble comes seated on a 45cm height stool for hassle-free styling. Not least, the natural light skin finish gives the Mannequin a humanistic tone too.


* Realistic body shape
* Adjustable arms
* Adjustable head angle
* Detachable head, arms and legs
* Simple installation
* Sitting stool


* Material: PP
* Height: 130cm
* Sitting stool height: 45cm
* Colour: Light skin

Package Content:

1 x Full Body Mannequin
1 x Sitting Stool

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 103 × 36 × 35 cm


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