Help & Common Questions about Shopping Oz

About Shopping OZ

What is Shopping Oz?

Shopping Oz is an online directory allowing consumers to browse Australian based online stores and online stores that ship to Australia.

Is Shopping Oz a free service?

Yes! Shopping Oz is a free service, allowing users to see an extensive list of online stores that are Australian based or deliver to Australia.

Can I buy products off your website?

No, we don’t sell anything to consumers. We showcase the best Australian based online stores and those that deliver to Australia and users can access these online shops through Shopping Oz.

How do I search Shopping Oz?

You can search Shopping Oz using the search box on the left hand side or by going to our search page (link to search page).

How do I contact Shopping Oz?

You can contact Shopping Oz through our contact form, which is found on our contact page.

For Businesses

How do I submit My Business to your directory?

To submit your business to our online directory, head over to our submit page and follow the instructions.

Am I required to have an account to add items to the site?

No. Anyone can submit their business listing for approval.

Why are listings approved before they go live?

Shopping Oz manually checks each submitted listing. By doing this we make sure that all our listings are of the high quality and helpful to the consumer.

Does the Shopping Oz directory accept all businesses?

No. Shopping Oz directory only accepts Australian based businesses and those that ship to Australia.

How do I edit my directory listing?

To edit your directory listing, go to our contact page and fill out the contact form. Please provide as much information about your listing (business name, address, category etc) and what you would like changed. Please allow up to 1 week for changes to become active.

A directory listing has the wrong information, how do I report this?

If you find a directory listing that is displaying incorrect information (incorrect email, change of address etc) you can report it to us via our contact form.

Account Information

How do I create an account?

To register your account click here and follow the instructions.

How do I login to my account?

To login to your account, go to the member login page and enter your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, click the reset your password link.

What happens if I forget my account password?

If you forget your password you can retrieve it here. Click on the reset your password link, type in your email address and a new password will be sent to you.

What is my favourites list and how can I use it?

Site Errors

I’ve found a business that no longer exists. How can I get it removed?

If you have found a directory listing of a business that no longer exists, you can report it to Shopping Oz via our contact form.

I’ve encountered an error with your site, where can I report it?

If you encounter an error with any part of our site, please contact us and provide a detailed description of when the error occurred, what page and what you were doing when the error occurred.